Intermediate Stained Glass



Course Length:  3 weeks

Course fee:  $45.00

Course Details:  Meets one day per week for 2 1/2 hours (usually on a Tuesday or Thursday morning or evening) Morning 9:30-noon. Evening 6:00-8:30.

Cost for Tools and Supplies:  Varies  *Tools can be purchased weekly as needed

Prerequisite Courses:  Beginning Stained Glass Course

Course Description:

In this course there are many options.  A student could construct a kaleidoscope, panel, lamp, box, mirror clock, or a more complicated project.  The staff at Classic Stained Glass is here to help you make anything within a reasonable size and difficulty.  In this class students will make projects using the copper foil method.  Students need to furnish their own tools and materials (with the exception of grinders).  If there is a project you would like to make but feel as though you may need help - this is the class for you!