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Tiffany Lamp

Course Length:  6 weeks

Course fee:  $60.00

Course Details:  Meets one day per week for 2 1/2 hours

Cost for Tools and Supplies:  Varies  *Tools can be purchased weekly as needed

            *Lamp forms and patterns must be purchased at least two weeks prior to class

Prerequisite Courses:  Beginning Stained Glass Course and accurate cutting skills

Course Description:

During the first session the instructor will explain how to construct a Tiffany style lamp from beginning to end.  The students will prepare their forms and patterns.  During the following 5 sessions you will work step by step so that by the last session the student will have completed a Tiffany style lamp using the copper foil method.

There are three types of lamp molds to choose from and many different patterns.  Please limit the piece count to 300 or less if you want to ensure you can complete the Tiffany lamp during class. 

Students will need to furnish your own tools and materials for the course.