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Stepping Stones

Course Length:  1 day

Course fee:  $45.00

Course Details:  Single Day course

Cost for Tools and Supplies:  Varies  *Tools can be purchased weekly as needed

Prerequisite Courses:  Beginning Stained Glass Course

Course Description:

Prior to the class, students will pick a pattern, cut the pattern using lead shears (which will allow the cement to flow around each piece of glass, holding it securely in place), and cut and grind the glass to the pattern.  The instructors will explain and demonstrate step by step how to prepare the form, cut the contact paper, mix and pour the cement into the form, and how to remove the stone from the form and fill in any holds if necessary.  By the end of class each student will have a finished stepping stone.  Each stone requires a 30 day period to cure, then students will  need to seal the top sides, and bottom of the stone before enjoying each stone in a garden or walkway, using it as a decorative table on the deck or patio of your home.

Students will need to furnish your own tools and materials for the course including a pattern, glass and form.  Classic Stained Glass will supply Vaseline, contact paper, cement and instructions.   


Stepping Stone Pictures