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Soldering Seminar

Course Length:  1 day

Course fee:  $30.00

Course Details:  Single Day course

Cost for Tools and Supplies:  Varies  *Tools can be purchased weekly as needed

Prerequisite Courses:  Beginning Stained Glass Course

Course Description:

If you feel like your cutting and grinding are good but you just can't master the art of soldering this class is for you!  The instructor will demonstrate for the first 30 minutes on how to flux, tack and solder a flat panel together using the copper foil method.  Then the students will solder their projects that have been previously cut, ground and foiled.  we will only solder in this course.  Projects will not be framed in zinc or lead, or have patina applied to them.  Students needs to bring their project in on homosote board with layout blocks, flux brush, flux, solder and glass cleaner.