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Lead Stained Glass

Course Length:  3 weeks

Course fee:  $36.00

Course Details:  Meets one day per week for 2 1/2 hours

Cost for Tools and Supplies:  Varies  *Tools can be purchased weekly as needed

Prerequisite Courses:  Beginning Stained Glass Course and accurate cutting skills

Course Description:

Leading glass is the traditional way of assembling stained glass.  This technique has been used for centuries and today most commercially made stained glass windows are produced in this manner.

In the first session the instructor will have a project already cut and ready to assemble.  The instructor will explain the tools and materials needed to complete a leaded project and walk you through it step by step using the instructor's project.  Each student will have a chance to try their hand at cutting the lead and adding a piece or two to the instructor's project.  the instructor will then show how to solder the lead joints correctly.  After soldering, the last step is cementing.  the cement will strengthen and weather/waterproof the panel. 

Each student will come to the second session with their project cut, and ground ready to lead together.  In the second session, we will lead the project together and then each student will take the piece home to solder all the lead joints outside of class.  the third session will be spent cementing.  This step can be messy, so please wear old clothes and shoes for the last class.  An apron, rubber gloves and a dust mask or respirator are all options some students have used in the past during this week or class.

Students will need to furnish your own tools and materials for the course.