While taking a semester off from attending Hanover College in Hanover, IN, Ann talked Lori into taking a stained glass class at Anncraft in Columbus, IN.  While Ann has always loved crafts and has taken a lot of classes over the years, Lori was never interested in crafts.  She loved music, her classes and interests were in music of which she is very good and talented. Surprising us all, Lori loved the art of stained glass and continued taking classes in Indianapolis at Adrian 's Stained Glass.  Wayne Adrian, the gentleman that owned the store, thought her work was very good and asked her to work for him, which she did. He took her under his wing as an apprentice and taught her everything he knew. She worked for Wayne for 10 years until his store closed.

Lori opened up a studio in her home and did custom work for about two years, during which time she realized she was a people person and that she missed all of the classes and interaction with the people.  So she went to work for Barb Heilig at Accent in Glass in Indianapolis.  She taught classes, did customer work and worked in the store. She and Barb became great friends. Barb taught Lori the business end of stained glass and as her parents became ill and she spent a lot of time in Alabama caring for her parents Lori was able to run the store.

In 1993 Lori had a violent allergic reaction to a flea spray she had used in her home and returned to her parent’s home in North Vernon, IN for her parents to care for her. She took a leave of absence for the next three years as she was in the process of healing and recuperation.  As she got to feeling better her desire to get back to her stained glass arose.

She said, one day, "Mom, wouldn't it be nice if we could open our own stained glass store. We could be together as a family and when Dad retires we'd have something we could all do together."

 Later one day Lori was driving through downtown North Vernon and saw the building for rent. It had 5 big plate glass windows. Lori realized there would never be another building in North Vernon so perfect for a stained glass store.  She went home and asked "Do you think we could rent it and open a business?"   Lori and Ann called Tom and he met them and they began their plan.   We totally remodeled the building inside and opened the doors of Classic Stained Glass and Gift Gallery December 19, 1996. We are in our 15th year of business and in 2007 the store became incorporated.

 In 2002 Lori married Mike Underwood.  Mike has since learned stained glass and has become Lori's right hand man assisting her with custom work.

 Tom helps Lori with classes and custom work. He and Mike do most of our installations.

 Tom and Mike are both retired now and along with Lori and Ann the four work together in whatever capacity is needed. We all enjoy being together so it has worked out great.